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Why Not

On Sunday, May 21 a few Co-op members got together and shared what were some of their responses when asked by a stranger “Why Not?”

Here is a summary.

  1. The button identifies active members of the New World Co-op.
    1. There are local Co-op groups in other towns in the US and each one is formed to facilitate people getting to know other people.
    2. Co-op members believe that having a wide circle of friends and acquaintances can be extremely valuable. Good friends can be called upon to help in personal and family emergencies and can come together to solve problems within society.
    3. We get together in private homes or some public location such as the local library depending on what we are doing. Brief meeting reports are posted on this website for the benefit of people unable to attend so that they can participate in the discussions.
    4. Sometimes we discuss intimate family concerns like unemployment, drug addiction, family or workplace arguments, child care, and ways to deal with them. For this reason, we have an iron-clad principle that anything shared in confidence within the Co-op stays within the Co-op. Without this, there would be insufficient trust to share deeply.
    5. We don’t always meet as a whole group, sometimes only one or two people get together over a cup of coffee to plan potlucks, BBQ’s, hikes and nature walks, concerts, seminars aimed at bringing more people to learn about how True Family Values can be implemented to serve the local community.
    6. We are willing to network with any group or individual that is working to improve the world.
  2. The Co-op also provides its members with access to free advertising through an on-line Bulletin Board and the buttons identify buyers and sellers for application of discounts.

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