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May 17, 2017

Our Purpose

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For decades, people have tried to come up with an ethical system of governance that will usher in prosperity and peace for everyone.

In America even with our illustrious founding based upon religious equality, political parties have developed each claiming to have the answer to society’s problems. In response, the American people have swung back and forth between parties and candidates always hoping for a better deal  – but no better deal ever emerges.  Things only get worse;

  • Today we see America is declining in prestige as evidenced by small countries, terrorist groups and hackers delighting in bringing her down.
  • American citizens with grievances are joining enemy armies to fight America.
  • Social problems such as violent crime, drugs, pornography, human trafficking, are filling our prisons.
  • Violence against police, women, and minorities, rage being expressed on roads, schools, airlines and in mall parking lots, is on the rise.
  • Corporate greed and collusion with politicians are resulting in pollution, climate change, unemployment.
  • Environmental resources like water, timber, fish, bees and some animals and birds are being decimated by industrial pollution and greed.
  • Americas’ education system, health care system, welfare system and the national debt are not going to serve our children well in the future.

During recent elections, politicians have increasingly been attacking their opponents using very underhanded methods like misleading advertising and fake news. Now, even the results of elections are questioned and the presidency comes under continuous merciless attack from the opposition party and the media. The USA is acting like a third world country. This results in skepticism and distrust of our whole institution of government and laws.

An underlying reason is that the principles and values upon which decisions and actions are based start out with a fatal flaw, one that sees differences among people and ideas as problems.

A quick review of the natural world reveals that diversity was created by our Creator for a good purpose. It is not something that is created by humans that must be eliminated.  What we need is to cease our reliance upon the promises of men and to seek God’s guidance. 

2 Chronicles 7:14

A powerful experience some years ago led me to realize that a phenomenon called synergy could be used to solve all types of problems. In my efforts to understand the process and how it could be replicated, I studied many great thinkers and authors such as Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, M. Scott Peck, Tom Atlee, Stephen Covey, all of whom have similarities.

Covey’s best-selling book “The 3rd Alternative” contains many examples of the effectiveness of this approach, but none of these people come anywhere close to the insights as provided by Reverend Moon.

The teachings of Reverend Moon are contained in the Divine Principle which is a new truth that was obtained directly from Jesus and God. The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) is the institutional carrier of this teaching which God has revealed for people of all religions and backgrounds.  

The FFWPU organizes experiential learning situations through small local groups such as the Kodiak Co-op. As the number of Co-op members who appreciate and practice these principles grows, any problems within families, communities, businesses, states, the nation or even between nations can be resolved. It won’t happen quickly but it is so refreshing to finally have confidence that we can offer a bright future to our children.

These principles are very simple and easy to understand, but they are also profound. Contact David at (312) 550-6676

one of our older members and check it out. You won’t regret it.


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