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May 17, 2017

Our Purpose

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For decades, people have tried to come up with an ethical system of governance that will usher in prosperity and peace for everyone.

In America even with our illustrious founding based upon religious equality, political parties have developed each claiming to have the answer to society’s problems. In response, the American people have swung back and forth between parties and candidates always hoping for a better deal  – but no better deal ever emerges.  Things only get worse;

  • Today we see America is declining in prestige as evidenced by small countries, terrorist groups and hackers delighting in bringing her down.
  • American citizens with grievances are joining enemy armies to fight America.
  • Social problems such as violent crime, drugs, pornography, human trafficking, are filling our prisons.
  • Violence against police, women, and minorities, rage being expressed on roads, schools, airlines and in mall parking lots, is on the rise.
  • Corporate greed and collusion with politicians are resulting in pollution, climate change, unemployment.
  • Environmental resources like water, timber, fish, bees and some animals and birds are being decimated by industrial pollution and greed.
  • Americas’ education system, health care system, welfare system and the national debt are not going to serve our children well in the future.

During recent elections, politicians have increasingly been attacking their opponents using very underhanded methods like misleading advertising and fake news. Now, even the results of elections are questioned and the presidency comes under continuous merciless attack from the opposition party and the media. The USA is acting like a third world country. This results in skepticism and distrust of our whole institution of government and laws.

An underlying reason is that the principles and values upon which decisions and actions are based start out with a fatal flaw, one that sees differences among people and ideas as problems.

A quick review of the natural world reveals that diversity was created by our Creator for a good purpose. It is not something that is created by humans that must be eliminated.  What we need is to cease our reliance upon the promises of men and to seek God’s guidance. 

2 Chronicles 7:14

A powerful experience some years ago led me to realize that a phenomenon called synergy could be used to solve all types of problems. In my efforts to understand the process and how it could be replicated, I studied many great thinkers and authors such as Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, M. Scott Peck, Tom Atlee, Stephen Covey, all of whom have similarities.

Covey’s best-selling book “The 3rd Alternative” contains many examples of the effectiveness of this approach, but none of these people come anywhere close to the insights as provided by Reverend Moon.

The teachings of Reverend Moon are contained in the Divine Principle which is a new truth that was obtained directly from Jesus and God. The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) is the institutional carrier of this teaching which God has revealed for people of all religions and backgrounds.  

The FFWPU organizes experiential learning situations through small local groups such as the Kodiak Co-op. As the number of Co-op members who appreciate and practice these principles grows, any problems within families, communities, businesses, states, the nation or even between nations can be resolved. It won’t happen quickly but it is so refreshing to finally have confidence that we can offer a bright future to our children.

These principles are very simple and easy to understand, but they are also profound. Contact David at (312) 550-6676

one of our older members and check it out. You won’t regret it.


May 19, 2017

Japanese Cultural Event

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Japanese Culture was showcased at an event held at the FFWPU training center on Selief Lane on 5-6-2017. 

25 members and 25 guests came.

Guests were treated to;

  • Japanese finger food as well as food cooked by young families,
  • Participation in a ceremonial Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Origami folding instruction,
  • Oriental Caligraphy made to order
  • and educational displays of elaborately ornate ancient Japanese household shrines.
  • There was also an opportunity for ladies to have their photograph taken wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono.


The emcee introduced the proceedings by explaining the origins and purpose of the FFWPU.


Up until now, it has been very difficult for people to come together and transcend their differences, but in 1936 Sun Myung Moon who at the time was 16 years old, was asked by Jesus Christ to find a worldview that could embrace the diversity of every kind of people on the planet.

Over the next 9 years, SMM studied Gods word and was able to converse spiritually with Jesus and the saints of other religions. Eventually, the most difficult questions that thinkers have wrestled with became clear.

The most important truth he discovered was that for thousands of years God has maintained in His heart the idea of human beings becoming His perfected sons and daughters living harmoniously together in an ideal world. Sadly His efforts through saints and His son Jesus were not complete, leaving both God and the world with incredible suffering, grief and pain and humanity unable to receive their rightful inheritance.

Even though today millions of people worldwide are living in accordance with this new worldview there are still barriers and problems to be overcome before God can rest.  It is because we understand Gods suffering that FFWPU members feel compelled to let people know and experience that God has a strategy to overcome barriers and solve problems at all levels.

If politicians and governments continue to resort to armies and weapons, the future will not be bright because that is not the way that God works.

God’s strategy is to work with families who are committed to raising children of conscience and true love.

For example, by attending a cultural event like this we are demonstrating to our children that the world can become one global family under God.


May 21, 2017

Celebrating Life

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Celebrating Life!

There are many occasions to celebrate throughout life – birthdays, weddings, graduations, house-warmings, funerals etc.  

I would like to give you something you can celebrate every day of your life.

First I need to explain the meaning of a word. The word is – worldview. A worldview is a personal view of how the world works. It is a mental model of reality — a comprehensive framework of ideas & attitudes about the world, ourselves, and life. Unconsciously our worldview influences our behavior.

A worldview is very complex, made up of ideas, values, and concepts some of which are inherited from parents, grandparents, teachers or famous people. For example, people who wear tattoos are not to be trusted, or grandma died of a disease even though we prayed for her recovery, therefore God doesn’t exist.

Some ideas come from our personal life experiences. For example, I have been taken advantage of by businesses run by successful people, therefore in order to succeed in business one needs to take advantage of the customers.

Very few people ever try to identify their values and concepts or understand logically where they come from or whether they are true or false, sensible or incongruent, accurate interpretations or misinterpretations of experiences or events, the only criteria that we care about are that somehow  “it works for me as an individual.”  

North Korea’s leaders, beginning with Kim Il Sung after the Korean war, developed a worldview that America and Americans were aggressive that America still wants to win the war and so the best response is to never be seen as weak else they will attack. In a closed society like North Korea, this view of reality becomes the dominant view of most of the population through propaganda and coercion.

Russian’s have their worldview, China has theirs, ISIS has theirs.

We American’s have ours too, but because the Constitution allows for individual freedom of speech, religion, and assembly, the national ethic of what it means to be a citizen has been redefined by political parties, groups, and individuals sometimes resulting in vastly different points of view. For example, the value of religious charitable giving that so impressed Alexis de Tocqueville in the 1700’s has morphed into a huge federally funded welfare system producing bureaucratic waste and reliance by a few lazy people on the labors of the working man. This has been a critical point of contention between Democrats and Republicans.

A quote from Edmund Burke If you don’t learn from the past you will be doomed to repeat it.

If we look at America’s past history we can learn that many of the problems we are facing today are not new. They have been around for 300 years. 

Lewis Carroll’s character, Alice in Alice in Wonderland, asks the Cheshire Cat —

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?’
‘That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,’ – said the Cat.
‘I don’t much care where -‘ said Alice.
‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’ – said the Cat.
‘- so long as I get somewhere,’ Alice added as an explanation.
‘Oh, you’re sure to do that,’ said the Cat, ‘if you only walk long enough.”

His satirical reply is also quite relevant to our situation today. If you don’t know where you are going, any road will take you there and if you don’t know where you are going you can waste a lot of time.

It seems that in America, and other nations too, everyone is walking down a different road, and these roads are becoming more divergent. Also, we are moving in circles getting nowhere.

To me the solution is obvious, we need to come up with a single destination and a process for getting there that everyone wants and can agree on. A single universal worldview.

So this is the gift that I want to give you that will get you out of bed to celebrate each and every day?

It is a worldview called the Divine Principle

After Sun Myung Moon received his mission from Jesus in 1935, he came to realize that the reason there was so much conflict in the world is that all people have different purposes or goals in life. After reflecting that the purpose of any created thing, like a cup, is determined by its creator, and since everything in the universe was created by God, then God must have had a purpose in mind when He created human beings.

Jesus shared with the young Sun Myung Moon, that God has been broken hearted and suffering in pain and anguish throughout history over the treatment we hand out to our fellow human beings. 

By focusing on God’s purpose — why He created us, he was able to obtain answers to many questions that have kept mankind separated from God. In Gen. 1:28 God told the first human beings what our God-given purpose is. 

28 God blessed them and said to them, be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky and over every living creature that moves on the ground.”

Because human beings are both physical and spiritual, the Divine Principle explains about spiritual things as they apply to every human being, therefore, this worldview is not just for Christian people or for any particular religion.

To become fruitful means to perfect our character and become people of unconditional love. Then to increase in number means that after we become able to give unconditional love, we are qualified to be blessed in marriage by God and then co-create and raise Godly offspring.

The Divine Principle unlocks the symbolism and answers many questions about life and the Bible in a way that is supported by science and logic. 

This is what Jesus foretold in John 16:12;

12“I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. 13 But when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth.

Again, in John 16:25, Jesus said;

“Though I have been speaking figuratively, a time is coming when I will no longer use this kind of language but will tell you plainly about my Father.”

  • For those who doubt the existence of God, the Principle explains very clearly how we can know and relate to God.
  • For people who revere science, the Divine Principle explains how science is helping to unlock the reasons why God created.
  • The DP explains what Jesus meant and how we can actually develop to this stage of relationship with God. In Matt 5:48

             You, therefore, must become perfect as your Heavenly Father is perfect.”

  • Just as all things develop through three stages, human beings are meant to develop spiritually through three stages.
  • How do we develop spiritually? Is it through prayer or meditation or faith?
  • Why does God allow evil to exist in the world?
  • What happens after we die? Will we sit around with harps all day long praising God?
  • At the 2nd Coming, will all the faithful people who have since died be raised out of their tombs to meet Christ in the air?
  • What does it mean that Christ will come on the clouds of heaven?
  • When we die what will God’s Judgement be like? Will it be scary or embarrassing?
  • Is the world destined to remain a place of conflict and suffering?
  • What will happen when Christ comes again? Will the world be consumed with fire, will the sun and the moon get dark and the stars fall from the heavens?
  • Will God destroy this evil world and create a new one?
  • What happens to evil people after they die? What is the standard for good and evil? How do I know if God considers me to be an evil person?
  • Why, despite the spiritual salvation given to us by Jesus Christ, are we still unable to live in harmony with our fellow Christians?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • How does spiritual healing work?
  • Did God really banish Adam and Eve from the Garden because they ate a fruit?
  • Why did Adam and Eve not die as God told them if they disobeyed and “ate the fruit”?
  • Did a literal serpent really tempt Eve?
  • Who or what are evil spirits?
  • How can we be certain that interpretations of verses in the Bible are correct?

It has been my experience in studying the Divine Principle, that my concerns about social problems fade and I find hope in God’s plan for all people. My greatest desire is to share these Principles with others so that they too can celebrate in gratitude to God.

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