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May 5, 2016

Making a better community

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The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) through the newworldco-op, sponsors seminars and discussions aimed at calling people to united action to make the world a better place.

Recently our local Kodiak Co-op held a discussion which began with a provocative statement. “All the world’s problems start from a common causeThe key to resolving the many difficult problems facing our country lies within the family.”

We began by explaining how two problem areas that most people know about can be approached.

The first example is drugs. Illegal drugs are a huge problem with which individuals, families, the police, and federal government agencies are fighting a losing battle. This problem can be approached in different ways;

  1. stop the people growing the cocaine or the opium
  2. disrupt the illegal distribution chain
  3. help drug users to overcome their drug addiction
  4. or eliminate the demand by teaching young people to not buy or use drugs.

The only practical way to overcome the scourge of drugs is to eliminate the demand by educating people against buying or even trying* drugs.

* it is well known that people who sell drugs often initially give away free samples to potential users because they know that they will make an ongoing income once the person becomes addicted.

 Another example is the problem of human trafficking, especially of women and young girls as young as 13 or 14, which is a growing concern even in so-called civilized America. It is now a 32 billion dollar a year criminal business second only to illegal drugs.

Again the only way to overcome this problem is to eliminate the demand from the minds of the men who selfishly indulge their lustful desires.

Because problems like these originate in the mind, it seems impossible that we will ever overcome them. Even St Paul recognized how hard it is to control one’s mind (Rom 7:20-24).

How can we say that the key to solving them lies within the family?  It is within the family that children learn to love their parents, siblings and elders this is why the family is sometimes referred to as the “school of love” because what children learn from their family is what they take with them into society when they leave home.

But there is one lesson that is sometimes missing from this school and that is the class which teaches how to recognize Gods’ love for one’s self and why it is to our benefit to love others. 

Another important lesson is to teach that God originally intended that we all should be able to control our mind through the conscience and the mind should then control the desires of the body for food, sleep, sex, the power to control others for my own selfish benefit etc.

But something happened at the beginning of human history that made our mind into our enemy.

So it is our inability to love and our inability to control our physical desires that are the cause of all the problems in the world.

Men and women have been desperately searching for a way to regain control but have found it to be difficult.

The hope of mankind resides in understanding that God, who is absolute and unchanging, never intended that our mind would become our enemy and He too has been desperately searching for a way to show us how to regain control. Finally, because God is absolute, He will succeed.

God has been inspiring men and women for thousands of years to search for understanding of both internal and external truth through religion and science.

Many great thinkers have tried to integrate these and other areas of study into a comprehensive worldview. They have by-and-large failed because of their inability to reconcile religious beliefs and values with their scientific fields of study.

As a result, today, individuals are forced to put together their own worldviews from values that are passed down in their families, learned by experience, and found to describe their reality sufficiently well to “get by” with. But confusion and chaos reign because wrong values lead to wrong behaviors and differing values lead to disagreement, division, and conflict.

Teaching children right values through family and school, is what is needed, but not just any values will do.

What is needed is a worldview with the following characteristics;

  • It must be acceptable to all the people of the world.
  • It must be simple and clear enough to teach even very young children about God and the ideal life that God intends.
  • It should also explain Gods motivation and process for creating the world and all living things.
  • It must explain why the world is currently not ideal.
  • It should explain how God has been working with men throughout history to regain His ideal.
  • It should also explain how human beings are to live their daily lives so that their spirit matures along with the physical body and eventually passes into the spiritual world after death to live together with their loved ones for eternity
  • It should explain how scientific knowledge and religious truth can be reconciled.

Once people are educated in such a worldview, these concepts will stay with them throughout their lives. Then we can have tremendous hope to protect our children from the temptations of corrupt society.

My hat goes off to those organizations who rescue and rehabilitate a few individuals here and there, but they will never be able to completely solve these problems by dealing only with the victims or imprisoning those making money from these crimes.

When God created human beings He gave us freedom which is what distinguishes us from animals and allows us to voluntarily love one another and love God. But freedom requires being able to make responsible choices. Freedom and responsibility must be learned, they cannot be simply given or “programmed” into human beings, even by God. God intended for these values to be learned from parents from within the family by actually living them.

For this reason, it is God’s hope that American families will raise young people to become responsible citizens who love others like family, irrespective of color, ethnic, racial or socio-economic background and then take responsibility to lead the rest of the world to follow their example.

All the problems we are facing today in America and around the world are problems of heart and conscience, which no government or military force or any amount of normal education can impact upon.

The mission of the FFWPU is to inspire large numbers of families to come together to educate their children with an absolutely God-centered worldview taught by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. 

Reverend Moon worked for 40 years teaching American families to commit to co-operating with and supporting one another in becoming the leaders that God and our future generations so desperately need. Only then can the self-centeredness that is endemic in society be eliminated. If we do this, big changes will occur in our communities and in the nation.  Once we start to make progress, the world will follow Americas’ example.


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