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Hello Kodiak!

The Kodiak Co-op website is set up as follows.

The Posts reflect the activities of Connect Groups in Kodiak.

The Pages explain the underlying values and philosophy of the Co-op.

Members from Local Co-ops anywhere across the United States can visit the Kodiak website and you can visit theirs. Links to Co-ops in other parts of the country are listed in the column on the right under Links.

All Local Co-ops aim to coordinate and engage in service activities in their local area. The purpose of the main website, which is also found under Links, is to co-ordinate activities when they are aimed at a national level.

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Citizen Consensus Committees

After having previously read a report of an experiment in 1991 by  Maclean’s  magazine in Toronto Canada, a few members of the Kodiak Co-op convened a meeting to discuss the possibility that a political action group could be a good way to inspire people to join the Co-op.

Common Purpose

Most people recognize that governance in the USA is severely compromised by peoples’ lack of trust in their politicians and the politicians lack of trust in the general population.

As described in his book  “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Version 4.0 ” Gordon Anderson writes that unless something is done about it, everyone will suffer especially our children.

The writings of many eminent scholars provide credibility to the need for powerful change at a grassroots level. For example, Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, M. Scott Peck, Stephen Covey, Tom Atlee, Peter Corning, Paul Tillich, Roman Kryznaric,  …and many more…

The group agreed that if our nation and world are to be changed, it cannot be done by the use of force. It cannot be done using the political process as it presently stands. Even change brought about by financial power will eventually be brought down.  We must bring change one problem at a time, by democratic means.

We agreed that the core values of the New World Co-op would be a fine basis for dialogue and making decisions.

Suggested Method.

  1. Any Local Co-op could voluntarily establish a Citizen Consensus Council as one of its Connect Groups, then, through our network of Local Co-ops we envision that the we could promote citizen involvement in decision making, which is very lacking at the moment.
  2. All Local Co-ops could submit suggestions for a topic of concern to their Citizen Consensus Council (CCC).
    1. Then by a process we have yet to decide upon, several Local Co-ops could reach a consensus as to which topic we can jointly work on.
    2. Then each Local CCC group would seek out experts on as many sides of the issue as possible to inform them.
    3. Then each Local CCC group would discuss the issue using our core values to resolve the diversity of opinions to arrive at a consensus.
  3. Each Local CCC posts the results of their deliberations on their Local Co-op website.

The aim ultimately, is to educate Co-op members in the effectiveness of reaching agreement through the synergy process, by actually harnessing the tension between divergent views and opinions.

Philosophical Foundation.

The universal principles of relationships as taught by Reverend Moon, -Dual Characteristics, Unity through Give and Receive Action,  God’s love in the Indirect Dominion during the period of growth and Gods’ love in the Direct Dominion can inform us clearly that;

  1. Through the ages, human relationships have developed through three stages from Win-Lose, to Win-Win and will be completed in this age of
    Win-Win-Win. Where the third “Win” is a win for God, meaning the parties must seek to understand Gods viewpoint.
  2. When human relationships strive to fulfill the Triple Objects Purpose and Four Position Foundation, synergy will always appear. This is because, while the parties to the relationship are initially in the Indirect Dominion of God, synergy is the way in which God rewards His children when they establish good conditions by fulfilling their responsibility in relation to at least one other person.
  3. Once a person learns to make this a habit, they enter the Direct Dominion of God which is equivalent to “emergence”. At this point a person is always living for the sake of others, with the same heart and wisdom as God.
  4. Synergy requires diversity and give and receive action (cooperation) between at least two parties. This is why the universe was created with diversity so that Gods love could be revealed.
  5. We must use the current democratic process but we must infuse it with synergy – meaning with Gods’ love.
  6. Where ever there is division and contention our role is to act as ambassadors for peace, guiding and facilitating the parties to experience synergy.

Report by David Cooper




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Drug Information

On Saturday October 10th, the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) sponsored a presentation by the Drug Enforcement Officer for Kodiak (name withheld for anonymity as he works under cover).

Ten women from the WFWP attended and put on a light lunch for the 5 guests who came to the meeting.

The officer shared how the presence of drugs in Kodiak has been increasing partly because the dealers coming from out of state can get almost twice as much for their drugs here as they can in the lower 48, and partly because Kodiak seems like an open place with very little surveillance compared with other airports and sea ports.

He showed some examples of what to look for in your tenants’ or teenagers’ room. Things like specially engineered soft drink cans with removable bottoms, and hidden compartments in cases normally used to carry fishing or hunting gear.

He said that the reason most often given by young people who are caught with drugs, is that they were bored.

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Domestic Violence

On October 24th, the Women’s Federation for World Peace sponsored a presentation on domestic violence at the Kodiak Family Church meeting room.

The presenters were Rebecca (Beckie) Shields, executive director of the Kodiak Women’s Resource and Crisis Center and Beth Davis, a faith advocate with the center.

First Shields explained that the problem is not always about hitting, but it is any coercive relationship where the victim is living in an environment of fear. Its about one person behaving in controlling ways, like putting a woman down verbally all the time or withholding money and then accusing the woman of not meeting the families food needs.

Beth talked about the extra difficulty that women from a faith group might face. Because churches place so much emphasis on good families and good wives etc, this can become a barrier for a victim to come forward because they feel so guilty about not being a good person, wife or parent. For this reason churches must be tender, gentle and wise when dealing with any person who plucks up the courage to talk about the difficulties in their relationship. We must also think about the husbands viewpoint and what can be done to help him.

Children too, often witness domestic violence, but don’t know what to do about it, they only know that for some reason those who are supposed to be caring for them don’t. Quite often older children and teens will turn to drugs, alcohol or gangs to try to get their needs met.

During question time, David asked Beckie whether the KWRCC would be open to having us support their outreach efforts into the schools. Beckie said that they would and David replied that he would look into what he could find from the WFWP in the way of educational resources for young people.

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Making a better community

The WFWPU sponsored a seminar aimed at calling people to united action to make the world a better place.

We began by posting a provocative statement. “All the worlds problems start from a common cause.”

If we look at a few examples we can quickly see this cause.

  • Illegal drugs – the cause is individuals preying on peoples desires to find happiness.  in order to make money.
  • Gang violence – is caused by a person using their strong character to intimidate others into joining the gang.
  • Stealing – is people selfishly taking what is not theirs without working for it.
  • Murder –

Without looking into every problem, we can easily see that there is a common thread of self-centeredness. People selfishly taking advantage of others for their own benefit. As Stephen Covey says, this is the result of people living with a Win-Lose attitude. The results of this undoubtedly lie along a spectrum of severity, ranging from  a spouse not being open to their partners ideas,  all the way up to the pre-meditated murder of a wife in order to obtain a payout from their life insurance policy, but as Covey says, everyone is tainted with this self-centered Win-Lose attitude to some degree.

Throughout history there have been individuals, like Mother Teresa, and St Paul who altruistically served people around them, but even these folks find that doing the right thing all the time is not possible. In the last few decades a much greater recognition of the need to change from an attitude of Win-Lose to one of Win-Win relationships, but humankind have yet to find the way to actually do it.

From where does this attitude originate? It starts in our upbringing in the family.

The key to unlock this dilemma is contained in the teachings of Reverend Sun Myung Moon known as the Divine Principle.

The Principle clearly shows how the first family became separated from God, plunging their descendants into ignorance of their true identity as sons and daughters of God. Instead Lucifer usurped the position of God which resulted in all the people in the world today being connected to Satans’ lineage, which gets passed down generation after generation through the family.

The Divine Principle explains how God has labored throughout  history to show mankind how to overcome the two aspects of ignorance.

First physical ignorance has been gradually restored through mans’ search for truth through science.

Second, spiritual ignorance has been gradually restored through the spiritual truth brought by the founders of religion.







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