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Citizen Consensus Committees

After having previously read a report of an experiment in 1991 by  Maclean’s  magazine in Toronto Canada, a few members of the Kodiak Co-op convened a meeting to discuss the possibility that a political action group could be a good way to inspire people to join the Co-op.

Common Purpose

Most people recognize that governance in the USA is severely compromised by peoples’ lack of trust in their politicians and the politicians’ lack of trust in the general population.

As described in his book  “Life Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness Version 4.0 ” Gordon Anderson writes that unless something is done about it, everyone will suffer especially our children.

The writings of many eminent scholars provide credibility to the need for powerful change at a grassroots level. For example, Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, M. Scott Peck, Stephen Covey, Tom Atlee, Peter Corning, Paul Tillich, Roman Kryznaric,  …and much more…

The group agreed that if our nation and the world are to be changed, it cannot be done by the use of force. It cannot be done using the political process as it presently stands. Even change brought about by financial power will eventually be brought down.  We must bring change one problem at a time, by democratic means.

We agreed that the core values of the New World Co-op would be a fine basis for dialogue and making decisions.

Suggested Method.

  1. Any Local Co-op could voluntarily establish a Citizen Consensus Council as one of its Connect Groups, then, through our network of Local Co-ops, we envision that we could promote citizen involvement in decision making, which is very lacking at the moment.
  2. All Local Co-ops could submit suggestions for a topic of concern to their Citizen Consensus Council (CCC).
    1. Then by a process, we have yet to decide upon, Local Co-ops could reach a consensus as to which topic we can jointly work on.
    2. Then each Local CCC group would seek out experts on as many sides of the issue as possible to inform the members.
    3. Then each Local CCC group would discuss the issue using our core values to resolve the diversity of opinions to arrive at a consensus.
  3. Each Local CCC posts the results of their deliberations on their Local Co-op website.

The aim ultimately is to educate Co-op members in the effectiveness of reaching agreement through the synergy process, by actually harnessing the tension between divergent views and opinions.

Philosophical Foundation.

The universal principles of relationships as taught by Reverend Moon, -Dual Characteristics, Unity through Give and Receive Action, Development in Three Stages, Shared Responsibility, the Four Position Foundation, the Triple Object Purpose, to experience God’s love in the Indirect Dominion during the period of growth and Gods’ love in the Direct Dominion, can inform us clearly that;

  1. Through the ages, human relationships have developed through three stages from Win-Lose to Win-Win and will be completed in this age of
    Win-Win-Win. Where the third “Win” is a win for God, meaning that the parties must first seek to understand Gods viewpoint.
  2. When human relationships strive to fulfill the Triple Object Purpose and Four Position Foundation, synergy will always appear. This is because, while the parties to the relationship are initially in the Indirect Dominion of God, synergy is the way in which God rewards His children when they establish good conditions by fulfilling their responsibility in relation to at least one other person.
  3. Once a person learns to make this a habit, they enter the Direct Dominion of God which is equivalent to “emergence”. At this point, a person is always living for the sake of others, with the same heart and wisdom as God.
  4. Synergy requires diversity and give and receive action (cooperation) between at least two parties. This is why the universe was created with diversity so that Gods love could be revealed.
  5. We must use the current democratic process but we must infuse it with synergy – meaning with Gods’ love.
  6. Where ever there is division and contention our role is to act as ambassadors for peace, guiding and facilitating the parties to experience synergy.

Report by David Cooper




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Drug Information

On Saturday, October 10th, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) sponsored a presentation by the Drug Enforcement Officer for Kodiak (name withheld for anonymity as he works undercover).

Ten women from the FFWPU attended and put on a light lunch for the 5 guests who came to the meeting.

The officer shared how the presence of drugs in Kodiak has been increasing partly because the dealers coming from out of state can get almost twice as much money for their drugs here as they can in the lower 48, and partly because Kodiak seems like an open place with very little surveillance compared with other airports and sea ports.

He showed some examples of what to look for in your tenants’ or teenagers’ room. Things like specially engineered soft drink cans with removable bottoms, and hidden compartments in cases normally used to carry fishing or hunting gear.

He said that the reason most often given by young people who are caught with drugs is that they were bored.

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Domestic Violence


On October 24th, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification sponsored a presentation on domestic violence at the Kodiak Family Church meeting room.

The presenters were Rebecca (Beckie) Shields, executive director of the Kodiak Women’s Resource and Crisis Center and Beth Davis, a faith advocate with the center.

First Shields explained that the problem is not always about hitting, but it is any coercive relationship where the victim is living in an environment of fear. It’s about one person behaving in controlling ways, like putting a woman down verbally all the time or withholding money and then accusing the woman of not meeting the families food needs.

Beth talked about the extra difficulty that women from a faith group might face. Because churches place so much emphasis on good families and good wives etc, this can become a barrier for a victim to come forward because they feel so guilty about not being a good person, wife or parent. For this reason, churches must be tender, gentle and wise when dealing with any person who plucks up the courage to talk about the difficulties in their relationship. We must also think about the husband’s viewpoint and what can be done to help him.

Children too, often witness domestic violence but don’t know what to do about it, they only know that for some reason those who are supposed to be caring for them don’t. Quite often older children and teens will turn to drugs, alcohol or gangs to try to get their needs met.

During question time, David asked Beckie whether the KWRCC would be open to having us support their outreach efforts into the schools. Beckie said that they would and David replied that he would look into what he could find from the FFWPU in the way of educational resources for young people.

The way that FFWPU members teach their own children and adults is to educate them to have a caring heart like a parent before they get married and have children. Caring with the heart of a parent is the closest we can come to understanding Gods point of view towards ourselves, our spouse our children and even people outside of our family. If we can understand Gods point of view it is always loving. When we understand Gods POV (love) for me I don’t want to hurt myself. Once we understand Gods POV (love ) for my spouse and my children I don’t want to hurt them.

The FFWPU believes that teaching people about God and His love in a real and practical way is the key to solving many problems including domestic violence.

Maybe this video may help to develop these ideas.

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Making a better community

The Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) sponsored a seminar aimed at calling people to united action to make the world a better place.

We began by posting a provocative statement. “All the world’s problems start from a common causeThe key to resolving the many difficult problems facing our country lie within the family.”

I will explain how by discussing two problem areas that most people know about.

The first example is drugs. Illegal drugs are a huge problem with which individuals, families, the police, and federal government agencies are fighting a losing battle. This problem can be approached in different ways;

  1. stop the people growing the cocaine or the opium
  2. disrupt the illegal distribution chain
  3. help drug users to overcome their drug addiction
  4. or eliminate the demand by teaching young people to not buy or use drugs.

The only practical way to overcome the scourge of drugs is to eliminate the demand by educating people against buying or even trying* drugs.

* it is well known that people who sell drugs often initially give away free samples to potential users because they know that they will make an ongoing income once the person becomes addicted.


Another example is the problem of human trafficking, especially of women and young girls as young as 13 or 14, which is a growing concern even in so-called civilized America. It is now a 32 billion dollar a year criminal business second only to illegal drugs.

Again the only way to overcome this problem is to eliminate the demand from the minds of the men who selfishly indulge their lustful desires.

Because problems like these originate in the mind, it seems impossible that we will ever overcome them. Even St Paul recognized how hard it is to control one’s mind (Rom 7:20-24).

How can we say that the key to solving them lies within the family?  It is within the family that children learn to love their siblings and elders this is why the family is sometimes referred to as the “school of love” because what children learn in their family is what they take with them into society when the leave home.

But there is one class that is sometimes missing from this school and that is the class which teaches how to recognize Gods’ love for one’s self and why it is to our benefit to love others. 

Another important class is where children are taught that God originally intended that we all should be able to control our mind through the conscience and the mind should then control the desires of the body for food, sleep, sex, power to control others for my own selfish benefit etc.

But something happened in the beginning of human history that made our mind into our enemy.

So it is our inability to love and our inability to control our physical desires that are the cause of all the problems in the world.

Men and women have been desperately searching for a way to regain control but have found it to be difficult.

Our hope resides in our understanding that God who is absolute and unchanging, never intended that our mind would become our enemy and He too has been desperately searching for a way to show us how to regain control. Finally God will succeed.

God has been inspiring men and women for thousands of years to search for understanding of both internal and external truth through religion and science.

Many great thinkers have tried to integrate these and other areas of study into a comprehensive worldview. They have by-and-large failed because of their inability to reconcile religious beliefs and values with their scientific fields of study.

As a result, today, individuals are forced to put together their own world views from values that are passed down in their families, learned by experience, and found to describe their reality sufficiently well to “get by” with. But confusion and chaos reign because wrong values lead to wrong behaviors and differing values lead to disagreement, division, and conflict.

Teaching children right values through family and school, is what is needed, but not just any values will do.

What is needed is a world view with the following characteristics;

  • It must be acceptable to all the people of the world.
  • It must be simple and clear enough to teach even very young children about God and the ideal life that God intended.
  • It should also explain Gods motivation and process for creating the world and all living things.
  • It must explain why the world is currently not ideal.
  • It should explain how God and men have been working throughout history to regain the ideal.
  • It should also explain how human beings are to live their daily lives so that their spirit matures along with the physical body and eventually passes into the spiritual world after death to live together with their loved ones for eternity
  • It should explain how scientific knowledge and religious truth can be reconciled.

Once people are educated in such a worldview, these concepts will stay with them throughout their lives. Then we can have tremendous hope to protect our children from the temptations of corrupt society.

My hat goes off to those organizations who rescue and rehabilitate a few individuals here and there, but they will never be able to completely solve these problems by dealing only with the victims or imprisoning those making money from these crimes.

When God created human beings He gave us freedom which is what distinguishes us from animals and allows us to voluntarily love one another and love God. But freedom requires being able to make responsible choices. Freedom and responsibility must be learned, they cannot be simply given or “programmed” into human beings, even by God. God intended for these values to be learned from parents from within the family by actually living them.

For this reason, it is God’s hope that American families will assume their responsibility to lead the rest of the world by raising young people to become responsible citizens who love others like family, irrespective of color, ethnic, racial or socio-economic background.

All the problems we are facing today in America and around the world are problems of the heart and conscience, which no government or military force or any amount of normal education can impact upon.

The mission of the FFWPU is to inspire large numbers of families to come together to educate their children with an absolutely God-centered worldview taught by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. 

Reverend Moon worked for 40 years teaching American families to commit to co-operating with and supporting one another in becoming the leaders that God and our future generations so desperately need. Only then can the self-centeredness that is endemic in society be eliminated. If we do this big changes will occur in our communities and in the nation.  Once we start to make progress, the world will follow Americas’ example.


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Aussie Culture Night

Billed as an Outback Evening, on Saturday, March 4, 2017,  from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU)  in Kodiak, guests came to;

  • Learn about Australian culture
  • Sample traditional Damper, Scones with jam and cream and real Billy tea
  • Watch a movie of the poem “The Man from Snowy River” by Australia’s A. B (Banjo) Paterson.
  • Learn the meaning of Aussie slang from the song “Waltzing Matilda”


The evening is intended to be the first of many that bring people to a fun event for all the family.

Introducing the meeting the emcee spoke about the need for intercultural understanding in a volatile world in which people fear what they do not understand.

For example, people can easily misunderstand that families from Middle Eastern countries are somehow the same as or in some way sanctioning the horrendous acts committed by Islamic terrorists. Some of the pronouncements of President Trump could sway peoples’ thinking unless they have actually met people from these countries. This can result in bullying at school or attacks on businesses, Mosques or homes. In reality, terrorists are more of a threat to Muslim people from Middle Eastern countries than anyone else.

Other examples might be that people living in America may have bad feelings towards Cubans or Mexicans or Native Americans.

The idea of these events is to demonstrate, especially to young persons, that people from different countries are like us in wanting to live together in harmony. Once you get beyond skin color, language, religion, and dress, different cultures have contributed much that is beautiful in art, literature, sport and ideas to the world.

Of course, Australians are much like Americans in many ways, but sharing some of the more iconic aspects of the country is interesting to people and provides an opportunity for people to meet new people and make friends rather than staying home watching TV.

Next month there will be a sharing of Japanese culture.


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Our Purpose

For decades, people have tried to come up with an ethical system of governance that will usher in prosperity and peace for everyone.

In America even with our illustrious founding based upon religious equality, political parties have developed each claiming to have the answer to society’s problems. In response, the American people have swung back and forth between parties and candidates always hoping for a better deal  – but no better deal ever emerges.  Things only get worse;

  • Today we see America is declining in prestige as evidenced by small countries, terrorist groups and hackers delighting in bringing her down.
  • American citizens with grievances are joining enemy armies to fight America.
  • Social problems such as violent crime, drugs, pornography, human trafficking, are filling our prisons.
  • Violence against police, women, and minorities, rage being expressed on roads, schools, airlines and in mall parking lots, is on the rise.
  • Corporate greed and collusion with politicians are resulting in pollution, climate change, unemployment.
  • Environmental resources like water, timber, fish, bees and some animals and birds are being decimated by industrial pollution and greed.
  • Americas’ education system, health care system, welfare system and the national debt are not going to serve our children well in the future.

During recent elections, politicians have increasingly been attacking their opponents using very underhanded methods like misleading advertising and fake news. Now, even the results of elections are questioned and the presidency comes under continuous merciless attack from the opposition party and the media acting like those in third world countries. This results in skepticism and distrust of our whole institution of government and laws.

An underlying reason is that the principles and values upon which decisions and actions are based start out with a fatal flaw, one that sees differences among people and ideas as a problem.

A quick review of Nature reveals that diversity was created by our Creator for a good purpose. It is not something that is created by humans that must be eliminated.  What we need is to cease our reliance upon the promises of men and to seek God’s guidance. 

2 Chronicles 7:14

A synergistic experience some years ago led me to realize that this phenomenon could be used to solve all types of problems. In my efforts to understand the process and how it could be replicated by others, I studied many great thinkers and authors such as Albert Einstein, Buckminster Fuller, M. Scott Peck, Tom Atlee, Stephen Covey, all of whom have similarities.

For example, Covey’s formula for attaining 3rd alternative solutions is;

  • Ask a 3rd alternative question,
  • Define criteria for success,
  • Brainstorm 3rd alternative solutions
  • Arrive at synergy which is what he calls a 3rd alternative.

Covey’s best-selling book contains many examples of the effectiveness of this approach, but I have found that Tom Atlee comes closer to understanding the synergistic process as described by Reverend Moon because he at least sees a connection to God.

As effective as these approaches appear to be, the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) contends that success in solving problems will not be possible until leaders learn about the values that God has been using to re-create the world in His image;

  • How the nature of God embodies True Family Values
  • How God has used these Values throughout history not only to bring salvation but also how to work together with God to solve any and all problems.



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Japanese Cultural Event

Japanese Culture was showcased at an event held at the FFWPU training center on Selief Lane on 5-6-2017. 

25 members and 25 guests came.

Guests were treated to;

  • Japanese finger food as well as food cooked by young families,
  • Participation in a ceremonial Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • Origami folding instruction,
  • Oriental Caligraphy made to order
  • and educational displays of elaborately ornate ancient Japanese household shrines.
  • There was also an opportunity for ladies to have their photograph taken wearing a traditional Japanese Kimono.


The emcee introduced the proceedings by explaining the origins and purpose of the FFWPU.


Up until now, it has been very difficult for people to come together and transcend their differences, but in 1936 Sun Myung Moon who at the time was 16 years old, was asked by Jesus Christ to find a worldview that could embrace the diversity of every kind of people on the planet.

Over the next 9 years, SMM studied Gods word and was able to converse spiritually with Jesus and the saints of other religions. Eventually, the most difficult questions that thinkers have wrestled with became clear.

The most important truth he discovered was that for thousands of years God has maintained in His heart the idea of human beings becoming His perfected sons and daughters living harmoniously together in an ideal world. Sadly His efforts through saints and His son Jesus were not complete, leaving both God and the world with incredible suffering, grief and pain and humanity unable to receive their rightful inheritance.

Even though today millions of people worldwide are living in accordance with this new worldview there are still barriers and problems to be overcome before God can rest.  It is because we understand Gods suffering that FFWPU members feel compelled to let people know and experience that God has a strategy to overcome barriers and solve problems at all levels.

If politicians and governments continue to resort to armies and weapons, the future will not be bright because that is not the way that God works.

God’s strategy is to work with families who are committed to raising children of conscience and true love.

For example, by attending a cultural event like this we are demonstrating to our children that the world can become one global family under God.


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Free Coffee

Some members of the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification have decided to offer free coffee to anyone passing by a small wooden booth to be set up on the edge of the FFWPU property.

The purpose is to inspire people to then connect with other people with whom they might not otherwise get to know. Maybe with a smile, a heartfelt greeting “good morning how are you” or thanking them for picking up after their dog. It is something like “Random Acts of Kindness” in action – but with purpose. 

The reasoning behind this is that everyone needs relationships and the norms of trustworthiness and reciprocity that arise from them in order to improve our own and others’ quality of life and overall well-being. 

Social scientists have identified four types of “capital” necessary for success in business and in life;

  1. Financial capital which of course refers to money
  2. Structural capital which refers to buildings, and equipment.
  3. Technological capital which refers to communications and information technologies
  4. Human capital which refers to education, skills, knowledge, experience 
  5. Social capital

Recently, the fifth — “social capital” is gaining prominence in businesses such as Google and by social scientists like  Robert Putnam who says,

“A society of many virtuous but isolated individuals is not necessarily rich in social capital. Social capital refers to connections among individuals – social networks and the norms of reciprocity and trustworthiness that arise from them.”

“When Putnam talks about the significance of social capital he is not talking simply about nostalgia for the 1950s, the effects are much more pervasive. School performance, public health, crime rates, clinical depression, philanthropy, race relations, community development, teen suicide, economic productivity, even simple human happiness — all are demonstrably affected by how (and whether) we connect with our family and friends and neighbors and co-workers.”

Through encouraging social networking based upon acts of service as simple as offering free coffee, we hope to multiply the many social benefits for people of Kodiak.

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The Value of the Marriage Blessing

Everyone is aware of the growing number of problems throughout the world – terrorism, political corruption, crimes of violence, drug trafficking, human trafficking, hunger, disease, environmental abuse, global warming etc. Social, political, economic, military and religious approaches have been tried throughout history,  but none have succeeded in making a lasting difference. The common factor in all these problems is beliefs, divergent beliefs.

We have been praying for 2,000 years “Thy kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven” so why are things becoming worse. Does this mean that God doesn’t hear our prayers or takes no notice of them? Does it mean that God does not exist? If we say that His kingdom will come when He is good and ready, this begs the question as to why God would ignore the suffering and pain of so many innocent people who are victims of this corrupt world.

In his book “When bad things happen to good people” Rabbi Harold Kushner’ seeks to offer comfort to grieving people. His answer to the philosophical problem is that God does his best and is with people in their suffering, but is not fully able to prevent it.[2]

Kushner’s beliefs, which seem to question God’s omnipotence, have been criticized by some conservative scholars associated with Orthodox Judaism[3] as well as evangelical Christianity.[2]

According to the Divine Principle, a revelation received by Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Kushner is partially correct. The Principle though gives us a clearer and more complete understanding.

Ever since the “creation” of the first ancestors, Adam and Eve, God has wanted men and women to reach perfection in love. But for love to be true, both parties must be free. Then for freedom to be true, both parties must be responsible for their actions and their actions must be directed towards a righteous purpose.

The Divine Principle explains that for God’s will or desire to be realized, God must fulfill His responsibility and human beings must fulfill their portion of responsibility. Thus God has established it as spiritual law, that He does not directly intervene in human affairs in order to maintain the integrity of love.

God’s plan is for human beings to become perfect in love, (Matt 5:48 ). Once they achieve this they will be one in heart with God, experiencing the same emotion, intellect, will, and heart as God. Then just as God cannot do anything that is not loving, a perfected person who is one in heart with God’s heart cannot do anything that would be unloving or irresponsible.

After Adam and Eve Fell away from God, they became cut off from understanding how to reach the perfection of love with God. They, therefore, could not control their actions to benefit others, because their viewpoint was tainted by the selfishness which caused the Fall. This tainted viewpoint was then passed down from generation to generation until today.  Stephen Covey refers to this tainted viewpoint as a WIN-LOSE mentality which has been at the core of all the conflict and misery in human history.

A new science is emerging that demonstrates that the gap between belief and absolute reality may be the cause of chronic diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity, autism. The previously accepted belief that these were caused by heredity has been shown to be a false assumption.

The existence of good people who are victims of violence, crime or chronic ill health then, does not mean that God doesn’t exist or is unable to prevent these things from occurring, on the contrary, God does not just give us what we want because he has seen something better for us. This is incredibly liberating and hopeful for all of humanity. We can now look for the way to overcome the tainted viewpoint of selfishness and seek to align our beliefs with absolute reality (God’s viewpoint )

Once we understand God’s viewpoint, his absolute love for all humanity, and we pass this on to our children in our families, then all of the intractable problems facing the world such as conflict, war, crime, corruption, and disease can be overcome. This is incredibly hopeful and exciting.

The reason why marriage is so important is that marriage is what creates family and lineage and it is the school of love where family members experience all the different types of love; children’s love, brother and sister love, conjugal love, and parental love. Each of these types of love exists within God, so as a child grows to maturity physically, he or she also experiences God’s love. Parental love is the love with which God loves the whole world.  This is God’s love that Jesus manifested to the world.

When a human being becomes a parent and educates the child’s heart and conscience, to fulfill their responsibility, based upon God’s point of view, they are fulfilling their parental responsibility.  When this role is performed naturally and habitually, the child develops the different types of love and the parent attains the highest or perfected love of God.

A child reaches the level of readiness for marriage and conjugal love about the age 18-20 years of age. This means that the parent has successfully raised the child to the top of the completion stage, This means that human beings should get married raise a family in order to reach perfection within about 20 years. After that these adults stand as representatives of God, able to offer wisdom and guidance on behalf of God, in establishing the CIG.

Each perfected individual is unique, a unique expression of God’s dual essentialities. When several unique perfected individuals get together to solve problems or make decisions, the power of synergy multiplies. This is why Rev. Moon says that, had the Fall not happened, a civilization far more advanced technologically than today would have been established within about 7 generations. This would have been the KoHoE.

When human beings reach perfection they are totally free, they don’t need laws to guide their behavior, they are automatically guided by conscience to fulfill their responsibility and laws. They are prevented from doing anything that would hurt another person or the environment or God by the force or power of love. Their actions are always honorable, responsible righteous and for the purpose of love to make God happy and joyful.

During their growing period, human beings need to be educated by the truth that explains how to act responsibly according to their conscience. This is the role of parents and other parental figures such as grandparents, elders, aunts uncles, teachers, etc.

As the child practices living according to their conscience and understanding, God as the child’s spiritual parent will reward the child to educate them whenever they are doing things correctly. This is a synergistic experience.

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